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         "Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime"


Welcome to Project HUG

The HUDA Clinic is a Detroit based free clinic that has been opened since May 2004. Its mission is to provide compassionate healthcare to the uninsured and medically undeserved at no charge. Now, HUDA Clinic is extending its desire to help promote a healthy community by hosting a community garden called HUDA Community Garden, aka Project HUG.

Why it Matters?

Community gardens provide access to fresh, traditional produce and nutritionally rich foods in low income neighborhoods, where nutritious food is much less available than in other areas. Community gardens also offer a focal point for community organizing, and can lead to community based efforts to deal with other social concerns. One way this is accomplished is by drawing people together from various backgrounds, ages, races, cultures and social classes. This leads to long term relationships among people that might not ordinarily happen.

Project HUG aims to build a reliable, self-sufficient, sustainable, year round urban garden that the surrounding community can depend on for more than just fresh fruits and vegetables.

The Mission

To educate both young and old on the benefits of fresh vegetables in the diet to prevent obesity, health disparities, and how to eat to live; and to demonstrate – through community activism – how by utilizing God’s gifts of abundance we can help each other and encourage positive feelings.

Project HUG also offers neighborhoods the essential resources for community gardens, including ongoing technical expertise with:

  1. Securing sustainable land for gardens

  2. Designing and building gardens

  3. Supporting garden organization, leadership, outreach, and maintenance

  4. Utilizing gardens as extraordinary places for learning and healthy living

  5. Linking gardens with related local food system projects and policy

After One Year

With the support of the community, the Project HUG garden now has over 20 boxes filled with growing crops such as kale, corn, tomatoes, basil, peppers, cucumbers and more!  Not only that, but the community has come together like never before, with people of all ages and ethnicities working together side by side for the sake of the neighborhood. To see pictures, visit our instagram at:

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