Bringing Islamic Education to the incarcerated - current and past

New And Existing Ideas: Bringing Islamic Education to the incarcerated - current and past

Posted By: Nabil Afifi

Islamic Education

Bringing Islamic Education to the incarcerated - current and past


Who is doing this?

Tayba Foundation is a nonprofit organization that is committed to provide current and formerly incarcerated men and women with sound Islamic education geared towards the refinement of their thinking and behavior which positions them to transition into society more productively. Tayba Foundation does this by offerning a 4 to 5 year distance learning program to provide incarcerated men and women access to qualified teachers and traditional Islamic Education. 

Why it matters?

Based on a survey that the Tayba Foundation conducted with Muslim prisoners from various locations, the most common underserved religious need was access to Islamic Education.  

Our program serves as a solution to fulfill this need. Our program allows new Muslims who are incacerated to learn the minimum required knowledge that every Muslim must learn, provide them a balanced understanding of Islam far from any form of extreme ideologies, and to instill good character and change among Muslim inmates.

We currently have 250 students in our program and have 150 on the waiting list because of financial reasons.

The Impact

The inmates are able to apply what they are learning immediately and create a positive impact on their lives. For instance, we have seen that the inmates are experiencing more respect from the institution's officers and other inmates. Furthermore, this program provides the inmates a safe space by allowing them to escape the realities of their situation and flourish in expanding their knowledge instead.


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