American Muslim Health Conference: Healthcare Network Model

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American Muslim Health Conference: Healthcare Network Model

The American Muslim Health Conference (AMHC) in 2015 brought together community members working on providing affordable healthcare initiatives to the greater community. In their conference, they covered three different type of models that currently exists to provide affordable healthcare. Details for each model are shared here for others to learn about the models, explore the possibility of implementing in their own community, and for members of AMHC to discuss. What is a Medical Provider Network?

A healthcare network is a circle of healthcare providers who agree to see a set number of community members who are underinsured or uninsured at no or minimum costs. The appointments do not happen at a physical clinic space, but usually directly within their own practice or a third space.

Having a health care network model allows the underinsured and uninsured individuals to be served without having to invest in the high capital costs it takes to build a community clinic that involves purchasing/buying a building, supplies, utilities, and staff, etc.


Why create a Medical Provider Network?

Creating a medical provider network is just one of the many solutions that exist out there to help individuals who are underinsured or uninsured to have proper access to high-quality healthcare.

Even if you already have a free clinic available, creating a healthcare provider network can supplement any challenges your clinic may face in recruiting and retaining doctors and nurses. Or creating this network can help a clinic provide access to more specialists.

After the passing of the Affordable Healthcare Act, it is a common misperception that such services will be eliminated. On the contrary, there is a segment of the population who still cannot afford healthcare insurance, regardless of how low the rates are. Additionally, there are many who still cannot afford the costs associated with specialty care (i.e. neurologists, cardiologists, etc.)

Resources Available

The Healthcare Network Model also happens to be one of Whitestone Foundation's pilot projects that was translated into an Expert Modeled Solution (EMS). If you are interested in implementing this model in your community, find more information in our Expert Modeled Solution section or by clicking here.



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