Expert Modeled Solutions & Contributors

Modeled solutions refined or built by an expert council that any community can implement

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    Author Development Program: Muslims Write Now!!

      Introduction The “MUSLIMS WRITE NOW!!” is an innovative online and in-person literary event that provides YOU the tools needed to create a full outline for your book for children or ...

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    Strategic Planning

    This model empowers individuals by teaching them planning skills to create higher impact within our institutions.  The results of our recent market study, '15-year Strategic Roadmap for ...

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    Healthcare Network Model

    This model allows communities to provide affordable healthcare to the underinsured or uninsured.  What is a Healthcare Network Model? A healthcare network is when a nonprofit organization ...

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    Vision or Mission Statements

    What is the Vision and Mission Model? Any organization, a nonprofit or a business needs to have a vision and mission statement. These statements describes why the organization exists, what they do...