Areas of Focus

Institutional Development

Social Activities

American Muslim Identity

Programs or activities that help community members develop a strong Muslim Identity, including Islamic education.


Activities and programs that provide learning opportunities or enhance individual’s skillsets in order to prepare the community for the needs of tomorrow.

Health and Wellness

Programs or services that promote health and wellness within the community.


Initiatives that promote stewardship of our environment.

Civic Engagement

Programs or services to empower the community to be engaged citizens.

Arts & Culture

Initiatives that cultivate an authentic American Muslim culture and artistic tradition that is anc

Social Services

Services and support for physically and economically disadvantaged, distressed, or vulnerable individuals or groups.

Community Development

Programs that help strengthen the community in all areas.

Entrepreneurship & Professional Development

Programs or services that provide socially conscious community members the skillset or support needed to build businesses or excel within their profession.

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How our system works

Members will vote on ideas that matter the most to them.The administrator will monitor web content, dialogue, and generate reports with the Executive Director and board to analyze which ideas will be implemented.

Our system works by first Sharing

01. Share

Community activists, imams, and leaders will identify problems in their communities.

Our system works by then Identifying

02. Identify

Invited members and board members will choose the best solutions. Members will vote on the ideas that matter the most to them.

Our system works by then Selecting

03. Select

Best Practices Guide will be created and posted on the website and made available to communities for implementation.

Our system works by finally Implementing

04. Implement

Implement this idea for your community or apply for a grants to help with implementation.

From Our Blog

Continuing the Conversation around Imams

Have you checked out our Challenges recently? One of our challenges tackling the question 'How can mosques and community centers attract and retain engaged and qualified imams and religious leaders that will help their communities thrive?' is still live offline beyond our IDEA eXchange. Recently, this conversation continued at this year's ISNA 53rd Annual Conference. Whitestone was part of a panel entitled, ''Discussing the current state of Imam Care" which overlaps with this conversation. This panel included Shaykh Mustafa Umar, Dr. Farha Abbasi, and Imam Mansoor Sabree. ISNA will be posting recorded sessions over time, in the meantime, we wanted to share a part of the discussion. Specifically, Dr. Abbasi has been working on research that focuses specifically on the 'Stress and Resilience for Imams and Chaplains' and this research was shared at the conference. Many attendees asked for a copy of the presentation and we have made that available for everyone on this site. If you sign-in, you will find her presentation here under the 'Downloads' header in the right column.  

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