Who Are We

Unlocking solutions that uplift American Muslim communities towards success.

Putting ideas into Action

Whitestone Foundation is a community building organization that seeks to cultivate ideas and solutions to produce exemplary communities. Whitestone Foundation is committed to enriching the Muslim community by providing models of excellence, strategic direction, and grants that transform community aspirations into reality.


The Whitestone Foundation’s vision is to help foster, sustain and ensure a world in which the American Muslim community is a vibrant component of American and global society; a world where that community is referenced for leadership on positive values and their successful implementation in everyday life.


The Whitestone Foundation’s mission is to strategically pool and leverage the resources of the American Muslim community and direct them towards meeting the emerging needs and aspirations of that community. By offering strategic direction, financial investment and capacity building, the Foundation seeks to serve as a community catalyst, convening diverse voices to work on creative solutions for issues of common concern.


The Whitestone Foundation was formulated by seasoned community activists in late 2012 to address the constant “re-invention of the wheel”, lack of knowledge dispersal, and resulting wastage of the Muslim community’s precious resources. Their solution was to offer a platform to facilitate idea exchange, refine these ideas with expert advice, and to incentivize implementation of these ideas throughout the nation with challenge grants. Whitestone Foundation is the 501(c) 3 Charitable Organization implementing this solution.


The “Whitestone” Foundation derives its name from the original white state of the Black Stone in Muslim tradition. Our logo represents the cloth that was used by the different clans of Mecca to collaboratively carry the Black Stone to its eventual resting place in the Kaaba. This represents Whitestone’s aspiration of leading our community to collaborative solutions that result in communal benefit.

Purpose and Values

GOD-CONSCIOUS. The Islamic value of Taqwa or God Consciousness is the core principle we strive to embody in all of our affairs.

COLLABORATIVE. Leveraging & sharing existing resources to optimize the impact of the American Muslim community’s assets.

STRATEGIC. Develop & execute strategic plans that are based on a disciplined analysis of identified needs and challenges.

INNOVATIVE. Utilize innovative thinking and creative solutions to complex problems.

CONSULTATIVE. Keeping open lines of communication and seeking out the feedback, expertise, and wisdom of its constituents as well as the resources of the greater community.

QUALITY. Aspiring to measure the success of its projects in terms of quality and not exclusively economic or quantitative measures.

DIVERSE. Avoiding control or influence by a particular individual, organization, government unit or charity, and adhering to a sense of “community” that overrides individual interests and objectives.

SUSTAINABLE. Managing its funds and assets in a manner that ensures longterm viability of the Foundation’s mission and vision.

TRANSPARENT. Striving to be clear and open in its processes.