Story Telling to Connect Generations and Communities (ISNA Convention 2015)

New And Existing Ideas: Story Telling to Connect Generations and Communities (ISNA Convention 2015)

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Story Telling to Connect Generations and Communities (ISNA Convention 2015)

Adding a Twist to the Convention  

The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) convention brings so much value to the American Muslim community; it is a great place to hear amazing speakers from our community, address and talk about the most relevant issues happening within the community, and network with amazing activities across the nation. 

The convention has evolved into what it is today from years of testing out new ideas and Whitestone Foundation has one more new idea to test out:

What if we, as a community, have a central online place to discuss the panel topics ahead of time?


The Set Up 

  1. Whitestone will post the panel information ahead of time (just one for this year).

  2. You, the community member, will discuss the panel topic. Note: This is for both attendees of the ISNA conference and those who cannot attend. 

  3. The panelists will review and integrate the discussion in their panel.

  4. The community will continue the conversation here after the conference and hash out the details for any action items resulting from the panel discussion.


The Panel

To match the theme of 'Stories of Resilience: Strengthening the American Muslim Narrative', Whitestone proposed the below panel, entitled 'Story Telling to Connect Generations and Communities':

Our community has grown over the past 40 years and there are many untold and undocumented stories. The challenge we face is to have community members to share those untold stories. This panel seeks to highlight existing programs geared towards story telling that any community can participate in or replicate within their community.

To be consistent with ISNA's theme, the untold and undocumented stories refer to those that demonstrate stories of resilience, regardless of what type of journey occurred for our community and/or community members to experience the trait of resilience.  And if told, these stories can help strengthen the American Muslim narrative.

 that will help strengthen the American Muslim narrative. 

The Panelists 

Sultan Sharrief - Beyond Blue Productions, Producer/Director of Bilal's Stand, and Street Cred', an upcoming youth reality TV show
Alex Kronemer - Executive Producer and CEO, Unity Production Foundation
Amany Killawi - Co-Founder/Director of Operations, LaunchGood
Haaris Ahmad - Treasurer of Whitestone Foundation, co-founder of LaunchGood and NeighborFix, President of Muslim Community of Western Suburbs (MCWS), a current host of a reoccurring story telling related programming
Moderator: Rabiah Ahmed - Mirza Public Relations

What We Want to Hear From You

  1. Do you know examples of programs that allow a space for community members to share their stories (i.e. Mosque Story Hour)? These stories can be told in any form and address any paritcular topic. 
  2. How have stories or storytellers in our community affected you or the community you reside in? What impact have they had in your own storytelling or forming your identity? 
  3. What stories from our community would you like to see documented? 
  4. Any questions you have for the panelists that relate to this topic specifically?
  5. Are there any other questions we should be asking?
For more information about the convention itself, click here

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