Mother/Son Iftar & Father/Daughter Iftar

New And Existing Ideas: Mother/Son Iftar & Father/Daughter Iftar

Posted By: Masjid Omar

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Mother/Son Iftar & Father/Daughter Iftar


IIOC's Youth group strives to develop the next generation of Muslim Youth leaders by nurturing their identities and inspiring them to live by their Islamic values. The Youth group provides an array of projects and programs for the youth ages 5 to 21 and continues throughout the calenday year, including the weekly Friday Family Night (FFN) program. The youth group is tailored for the youth to find a support system and network of other like-minded youths with whom they can learn, socialize, and work for the sake of Allah.


IIOC's Junior Board came up with a creative idea to host a Father/Daughter and Mother/Son Youth Iftar. The youth were eager to host a program that promotes quality time with their Parents during the blessed month. 


1. Assign 3-4 youths to coordinate event logistics

2. Make an appointment with the Mosque's board and Office Manager to propose the event and book the Mosque's hall

3. Assign one person to book the Speakers for the event

4. Setup a meeting with the youth to discuss the program and speakers topics

5. Assign one person to communicate the program timings with the speakers and address their arrival time, speaking commitment time, and topic

6. Design a flyer

7. Email the flyer to the mailing list with an online registration link and registration deadline

8. Email the Mosques Office Manager a blurb to include in two consecutive Friday Jumah announcements prior to the event

9. Order the catered food when you have a final tally of guests. Optional: market the event as a Potluck

10. Recruit volunteers to assist with set-up and tear-down of tables, chairs and decorations

11. Marketing: Setup a registrational table before and after Jumah to market the event. Assign youth to make a facebook event page and invite their friends to the event. Encourage the youth to spread the word and invite their friends and Parents.

12. Write out, print, distribute a short event evaluation to improve future events. Sample questions: 

  1. Overall how would you rate the event: Excellent, Very Good, Fairly Good, Mildly Good, Not Good at All
  2. What did you like about the event?
  3. What did you dislike about the event?
  4. Did you learn anything new?
  5. What future topics would you like addressed?


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