American Muslim Health Conference: FQHC Model

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American Muslim Health Conference: FQHC Model

The American Muslim Health Conference (AMHC) in 2015 brought together community members working on providing affordable healthcare initiatives to the greater community. In their conference, they covered three different type of models that currently exists to provide affordable healthcare. Details for each model are shared here for others to learn about the models, explore the possibility of implementing in their own community, and for members of AMHC to discuss. 


What is FQHC?

FQHC stands for Federally Qualified Health Centers which are free health care clinics that qualify to receive a sizeable grant from the Public Health Service Act (PHS). Specifically, FQHCs have the advantage of qualifying for a sizeable reimbursement from Medicare and Medicaid, as well as other benefits. To qualify for their grants, the organization must be a free clinic, serve an underserved area or population, offer a sliding fee scale, provide comprehensive services, have an ongoing quality assurance program, and have a governing board of directors. 


Why is it important to the Muslim Community?

This is just one other way our community can find a way to provide more affordable healthcare to those in need, mainly by receiving the much-needed financial resources to make a clinic sustainable. Although many of the requirmenets of becoming an FQHC are stringent, the process itself provides for the ability to have quality control around clinic administration and operations. 

Please see attached for more information regarding FQHC's. 



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