New And Existing Ideas

New ideas or existing projects that users can learn about, replicate in their communities, or collaborate to strengthen the project

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    'Eid Festival in December

    How do Muslims Celebrate their holidays? This is a common question a lot of Muslims get, especially in December when other religious holidays fill up the air. This led to us, the American ...

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    Taekwondo Program for Kids

    We created a Youth Taekwondo Program in order to build community, teach goal setting, discipline and confidence, and propote a healthy lifestyle.     Why taekwondo? Taekwondo ...

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    Mother/Son Iftar & Father/Daughter Iftar

    MISSION: IIOC's Youth group strives to develop the next generation of Muslim Youth leaders by nurturing their identities and inspiring them to live by their Islamic values. The Youth group ...

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    Dignity Kits

    When we walk by a fellow citizen who asks for spare change or hold signs asking for help, we often ask ourselves how can we effectively help them beyond giving some change always comes up? But no ...

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    Family Activity: Tech Club

    One of the biggest challenges our community faces is offering vibrant programs that attract our youth and involve their families too. Having such programs are vital to engage the community and build ...