#ISNA53: How do we Create a Hospitable Mosque Environment?

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Challenge Synopsis

At ISNA's 53rd Annual Convention, they will be hosting a series of roundtable sessions covering a range of topics that are relevant to the Muslim community. For the first time, ISNA is partnering with Whitestone Foundation and providing members an opportunity to participate in select roundtable conversations prior and following the convention. 

If you are attending ISNA, make sure you register to attend the Roundtable Discussion in-person before spots are filled up! Go here to register: Roundtable Discussions Registration



One of these roundtables addresses the issues around creating a hospitable mosque environment. Many mosques recognize the need to make our organizations open and hospitable to youth, women, and other segments of our communities; however, they continue to do business as usual and they fail to translate that desire into meaningful changes in operational practices, leadership change, and organizational commitment. This session will discuss specific strategies to help organizations develop the culture of being hospitable. It suggests principles and tactics that translate into a positive experience of every worshiper, guest and visitor; principles that run through the organization and flow from the top leaders to every employee and volunteer in the organization.

Facilitator: Maher Budeir

Speakers: Noera Ayaz from Women in Islam, Dr. Tamara Grey from Rabata, and Shaukat Warraich from Faith Associates 


What are we looking for?

This discussion will be focused on tackling the following 3 questions:

  1. Why is it Important to create a welcoming culture?
  2. How do we move the mindset of Mosque leadership towards a genuine commitment to creating welcoming organizational culture? 
  3. What are some practical steps to take to help the transform organizations to become welcoming?
When commenting, please reference which of the 3 questions you are addressing. 

What Happened at ISNA

In the session, the group split up and gave the following feedback:



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