How can we increase and retain the engagement of teenage boys in programming offered by the community?

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Home » Challenges » How can we increase and retain the engagement of teenage boys in programming offered by the community?
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Challenge Synopsis

We've noticed a trend that male youth seem to check out of Quran/Islamic educational program once they hit around middle school age.  They may sit through programs that their parents take them to but they are not engaged--mentally, spiritually, emotionally to the class and ultimately to the power of the Quran and a connection to Allah.  Good Tree Institute wants to reach out to organizations around the country to see what successful youth programs are out there for male youth? 


Good Tree Institute is a 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to develop a relationship with God that cultivates individual and communal transformation. We accomplish this through hosting a series of after-school classes that focus on teachings of the Qur'an, Arabic, and character development in the Tempe, AZ area. We are interested to know how we can enhance our programs to engage the male youth that tend to check-out once they hit middle school age. 

We believe this is an important issue not only for our community, but for the American Muslim community nationally. Communities across the nation have reported the same concerns and constantly testing out new program ideas to find a solution. If we can collaborate together, we may be able to find a viable solution for all communities to benefit from. 


What are we looking for? 

Identify: Identify existing programs that are aimed directly at male youth (middle and high school aged). We are interested to know if any programs exist that combine fun with learning AND maintain the relationships with the teenage boys attendees year after year. 

Explanation: What makes those existing programs work? How engaged are the male youth through middle and high school?

Empowering our Community: How do we cultivate and engage young adult male to become mentors in our communities and be there for the younger generation?

Ultimately, how do we ensure our boys are "checked in" to the Quran and to Allah as they navigate through these years.  

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