Innovative Idea of the Month

Ramadan 2016 Edition


Welcome to the first issue of our Innovative Idea of the Month series. This series seeks to highlight great ideas already happening on the ground across the nation and shared here on our online forum, the IDEA eXchange.

One of the reasons why we created the IDEA eXchange is to connect communities so we can learn from each other and share resources so any idea found on the IDEA eXchange can be replicated in any community.


For our first issue, and in honor of Ramadan, we will be highlighting TWO projects for the month of June. Check it out:


1. Neighborhood Iftar Dinner


MiNDS Network hosts an annual Neighborhood Iftar Dinner to demonstrate an alternative narrative to highlight social inequalities and needs in or society in the true spirit of Ramadan.

Specifically, rather than invite elected officials or interfaith leaders to an iftar to interact with Muslims and learn about Ramadan, they invite them to serve local community members in need in a special way.

For a step-by-step guide to implement this Ramadan, check out their post on our IDEA eXchange here: Increasing our Engagement with Community iftars 


2. Mother/son and Father/daugther Iftar 


Islamic Institute of Orange County's Junior Board came up with a creative idea to host a Father/Daughter and Mother/Son Iftar for their community. The purpose of this was to host a program that promotes quality time with their parents during the blessed month. 

This program falls in line with one of the priorities outlined in our '15-Year Strategic Roadmap for the American Muslim Community' (publication releasing soon). Specifically, the Roadmap emphasizes the importance to create programming that will help build vibrant families by strengthening bonds within the family. This includes creating programs that allow the youth to connect with their parents in different ways. What a better way to start doing this by replicating the Mother/Son and Father/Daughter Iftar idea?

For a step-by-step guide to implement this Ramadan, check out their post on our IDEA eXchange here: How to Organize Mother/Son and Father/Daughter Iftars