Vision or Mission Statements

Expert Modeled Solutions: Vision or Mission Statements

Vision or Mission Statements

What is the Vision and Mission Model?

Any organization, a nonprofit or a business needs to have a vision and mission statement. These statements describes why the organization exists, what they do, who they serve, and where they want to go. But not every organization has one, or better yet, a strong, thorough one. Our goal is to give you the tools you need to create or assess a vision and mission statement.


Why is this Important?

Having such a statement for your team and the public is considered best practice for nonprofits for various reasons. To name a few:

  • It allows your team to understand their purpose while working at the organization;
  • It provides the organization decision-making criteria when it comes to making decisions of what programs, campaigns, partnerships, etc. to take on or not;
  • It is a tool to help streamline what the organization's goals or action plan should be;
  • It helps build a connection with potential donors who hold the same interest for its community; and
  • When you apply for grants, all foundations require it.

The list can go on, but the key is to remember that they are essential to have to help your operations stay focused on the purpose of the organization.


Why did Whitestone Foundation create this model?

In 2013, Whitestone Foundation initiated a national study entitled, '15-year Strategic Roadmap for the American Muslim Community.' This study aimed to determine the following:

  • Current gaps within programs and services offered to the community;
  • Current gaps within our institution's infrastructure;
  • Our collective vision in the year 2029 for the American Muslim Community; and
  • Steps we can take as a community to fulfill those gaps and reach that vision.

One of the major findings from the study is the importance for our community to focus on institutional development to reach our vision.

Institutional development refers to investing time and resources into strengthening the resources and structure within the organization. For example, creating different types of plans (strategic plan, marketing plan, a fundraising plan, etc.) or identifying and implementing training for staff.

In an effort to align our work with the Strategic Roadmap, we chose an important institutional development topic, creating or assessing a vision or mission statement, as one of its pilot projects. We believe this is the one of the first integral steps to help make our institutions stronger


What does this model include?

In this model, you will learn the following:

  • The definition of a vision and mission statement;
  • Brainstorming exercises that can help your team create or assess a vision or mission statement; and
  • Helpful tips to help make the process successful.


Who should use this model?

  • Organizations who need to create a vision or mission statement;
  • Organizations who needs to review your vision or mission statement; and
  • Any activists or professional who wants increase their planning skills.

Note: This model isn't intended for a whole team (i.e. a full staff or full board of a nonprofit organization) to take. Rather, one or two people should take the model and dissemenate the information to the rest of their team.


Additional Notes

This course is not intended to be taken in just one sitting. Feel free to break it up in whatever way fits your schedule. Spend 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or however long you want to at a time.


How do I access the model?

Contact us at


I rather hire a consultant

Contact us at for referrals to consultants.


This model was created by Whitestone Foundation and its expert council: Moazzam Ahmed, Maher Budier of BLI, Saud Inam, Ismet Mamnoon, and Shazeen Mufti of MANDALA.

Special thanks goes to Project Coordinator Ayesha Husain.

Institutional Development
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