Healthcare Network Model

Expert Modeled Solutions: Healthcare Network Model

Healthcare Network Model

This model allows communities to provide affordable healthcare to the underinsured or uninsured. 

What is a Healthcare Network Model?

A healthcare network is when a nonprofit organization builds a network of healthcare providers who agree to see a set number of community members who are underinsured or uninsured within their office of practice at no costs.

Why create a Medical Provider Network?

Creating a healthcare provider network is just one of the many solutions that exist out there to help individuals who are underinsured or uninsured to have proper access to high-quality healthcare.

Having a healthcare network is a unique and innovative model that provides direct access to quality healthcare and a variety of specialists to the underinsured and uninsured in your community. 

Even if you already have a free clinic established, creating a healthcare provider network can supplement any challenges your clinic may face in recruiting and retaining doctors and provide you access to a greater variety of specialties. Furthermore, having access to this type of network can help a clinic expand its geographic reach.

What about the Affordable Healthcare Act? Won't that help eliminate the need for such services? 

After the passing of the Affordable Healthcare Act, it is a common misperception that such services will be eliminated. However, there is a segment of the population who still cannot afford healthcare insurance, regardless of how low the rates become, or who cannot afford the costs associated with specialty care.

Additionally, there is an issue of delay in processing applications in a timely manner; many applicants have been waiting for months to a year or more for their application to be approved.

This model is created with the assumption that you already have a nonprofit organization that can add this service to its current infrastructure or could formulate a nonprofit to do so.

Are there current examples of success stories?

Yes. This model was created by a group of physicians in Southern Calfiornia through the nonprofit called MiNDS network; a non-profit organization whose mission is to serve the underprivileged & uninsured by providing free, immediate and comprehensive medical & healthcare services in Southern California. 

MiNDS has been so successful that they were even invited to the Partners in Health Conference at the White House in 2015 and asked to expand their model nationwide. 

What will this model include?

The following tools will be made available to you to ensure successful implementation:

  • A powerpoint presentation that outlines the general steps to make the healthcare network model a reality in your community; 
  • A project management tool to help your team stay on track;
  • Template forms needed to be successful;
  • A scheduling application to allow for easy scheduling and tracking of appointments; and
  • The opportunity to share a scheduler (aka a Triage Nurse) with four other communities (coming soon!).

What are the steps to implement this model?


Is your community interested in implementing this model? Contact Whitestone Foundation today at to receive the full training packet and to get started today!

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