Author Development Program: Muslims Write Now!!

Expert Modeled Solutions: Author Development Program: Muslims Write Now!!

Author Development Program: Muslims Write Now!!



The “MUSLIMS WRITE NOW!!” is an innovative online and in-person literary event that provides YOU the tools needed to create a full outline for your book for children or young adults.

This program is for both young adult (ages 12+) and adults who are emerging writers who want to write books for children or young adults. This includes those who are starting from scratch or may already have an idea or first draft.

Why is this Important?

The time is overdue for Muslims to be able to create high-quality content about Muslims, from Muslims. The development of creative writers is one of the most important means of presenting a strong, vibrant voice for the Muslim.


You can access more information and sign-up at . You can find there FREE access to the first three lessons to get you started. 

American Muslim Identity
Arts & Culture

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