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    Meet a Muslim: Combating Stereotypes One Person at a Time

      What is the 'Ask a Muslim' Event? ‘Ask a Muslim’, also dubbed as 'Meet a Muslim', is an event where people like you set up a table at a public place to allow those who pass by to ...

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    Community Story Hour

    WHAT IS COMMUNITY STORY HOUR? Our community has grown over the past 40 years and there are many untold and undocumented stories. The challenge we face is to have enough platforms for for those ...

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    Increasing our Engagement with Community Iftars

    Changing the Approach Hosting iftars for our neighbors and community is a common activity that the Muslims hosts across the nation. This includes hosting an iftar for local elected officials or ...

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    Family Activity: Tech Club

    One of the biggest challenges our community faces is offering vibrant programs that attract our youth and involve their families too. Having such programs are vital to engage the community and build ...