Islamic Community Center of Tempe

Today, the mosque is practically within the ASU campus and observes the five daily prayers and Friday prayer and provides a spectrum of programs and services to the Muslim community and the Tempe community at large.

Stemming from the universality of the message of Islam, the mosque tries to provide a diverse, cosmopolitan milieu where everyone is welcome regardless of ethnicity, language or cultural heritage. Community members are composed of more than 75 nationalities and come from various walks of life from highly-cerebral to blue-collar workers.

As a tribute to the Tempe and Phoenix community, the mosque is actively involved in inter-faith and education programs to correct the misconceptions about Islam and to mitigate the misinformation floating around resulting in a tarnished image of the religion. The mosque hosts tours and open workshops for those interested in learning about Islam.

Given that people are embracing Islam on a regular basis in our community, the Mosque welcomes new converts and provides the help needed to walk them through the basics that a Muslim is ought to know through classes and unstructured learning approaches.

The mosque also provides social services to its members ranging from marriage and divorce to financial help to the needy. For funerary arrangements, the masjid has its own cemetery and performs Ablution of the deceased and burial in an Islamic manner.

Contact Details

Address: 131 E. 6th St. City: Tempe State: AZ Zip Code: 85281


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